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At Reach Fitness Training we believe that fitness is the main pillar of a healthy lifestyle and greatly influences your quality of life. An investment in your health is the most important one that you can make and with the proper direction, management and motivation everyone has the ability to attain their health and fitness goals. In order to remain dedicated to reaching your goals the process must be enjoyable. We provide an environment that makes exercising fun and fulfilling. When you enjoy the process you create a powerful, long-term fitness and weight loss strategy.


We provide one-on-one personal training, small group or partner training, boot camps and nutrition counselling. By offering our knowledge, enthusiasm and personal training techniques we can help you meet your goals with lasting results. Our aim is to instill confidence into the lives of our clients by approaching fitness with balance in mind and by creating a sustainable health-first lifestyle.

Let us help as you venture towards realizing your health and fitness goals. The best personal training Vancouver has to offer would like to provide you with a free consultation so you can see and hear first-hand how we can help you.

The best personal training Vancouver has to offer is within REACH.



Every step and lift of our Reach Boot Camp sessions is designed to create a leaner, stronger body. We employ a style of boot camp training that creates functional muscle, also known as functional strength training. By using complex or multi-joint resistance training methods, we ensure that each session is efficiently working your body from head to toe.


When hiring a personal trainer you are making a commitment to improving your health, your appearance and your overall quality of life. At Reach Fitness Training we use the most proven training methods coupled with a balanced and 'realistic' approach to nutrition to make that happen. The best way to do this is to make the practice of exercise and balanced nutrition a part of your lifestyle instead of an afterthought. We understand that there is no single approach that works for everyone. That is why we'll sit down with you, before any training program begins, and find out what your interests are and what you expect from your experience. This will let us tailor an approach that will suit your needs and your liking. Finding the right personal trainer Vancouver has available for you may seem like a tall task but contact us for a free consultation and we'll make the process enjoyable and your decision an easy one.


You and your friends, your colleagues or even your family are welcome to come into the gym in groups (maximum of 3) and be put through mini boot camp style workouts. Our trainers will get the most out of you that they can…maybe you can help your training partner(s) to get even more out of themselves.

There are many benefits to training in a small group but primarily it is a good way to decrease the cost and help fit semi-personal instruction into your lifestyle and budget. Training with others can also be a great way to stay motivated and accountable, both are key factors in reaching your fitness goals.


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Personal Training Vancouver

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