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Paul Bryan is a personal trainer and the owner of Reach Fitness Training. He has a long history in the instruction of sport, exercise, health and wellness and has competed at many high levels of sport including both provincial and Canadian national championships in hockey and baseball. As a result of striving to reach his own levels of excellence, he understands the dedication it takes to help his clients obtain their goals. Paul is an accomplished and respected personal trainer who uses his in depth knowledge of exercise and nutrition to create a truly unique and special fitness experience and the highest quality personal training Vancouver has to offer.


  • Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)


  • Supplementation for Training and Performance

  • Advanced Exercise Nutrition

  • Diet and Weight Management

  • Exercise and Sport Psychology

  • Periodization Training for Sports - Advanced Power, Strength and Endurance

  • CPR/First Aid Level C

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