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The development of core strength is integral in order to provide a solid pillar for the body. Core is a term that is used describe the area of the body responsible for bearing the load of many peripheral movements performed by the legs, arms, head and neck. It is often regarded as the area on the front of your body and is equated with having 'strong abs'. This is a common misconception as the core is actually a much larger area considered to be that between the pelvic floor and neck and encircling the torso. By using complex lifts (ie. squats) as well as adding in isolation exercises (ie. crunches, plank) we will strengthen the entire core. The added benefits of having a strong core include:

  • improving your posture

  • being less susceptible to injury

  • lessening or alleviating back pain

Our personal training sessions and boot camp classes will target your core and lay the foundation on which you will build your strong and healthy body.

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