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It is important that we connect with our clients and use the best training methods available for each individual. By focusing in on a method of personal training that is enjoyable and suits our clients' needs, we can quickly begin to see results. Even with motivation from a trainer it is important that our clients are taking pleasure in the experience themselves. The best personal training program is the one that our clients enjoy and adhere to.

We will document your:

• Weight
• Body Composition Measurements
• Lean Body Mass (LBM)

Keeping track of these statistics will allow us to track your progress and help you to realize your fitness goals. A diet consultation will allow us to make suggestions for changes in your dietary regime and we'll offer a customized
meal plan, as well as limitless nutrition advice. that will help ease you into healthier eating habits.


We aim to provide training options that will have our clients leaving the gym feeling fulfilled and satisfied that they’re progressing. The goals of our clients will always vary but it’s our job to adapt to the individual and tailor an approach that will lead to success.

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