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Every step and lift of our Reach Boot Camp sessions is designed to create a leaner, stronger body. We employ a style of boot camp training that creates functional muscle, also known as functional strength training. By using complex or multi-joint resistance training methods, we ensure that each session is efficiently working your body from head to toe.

Common exercises like push-ups, squats lunges and rows are performed during the boot camp sessions but we like to put our own spin on these exercises. We make them unique, fun and challenging yet totally modifiable to fit the needs of each participant and their current fitness level. We can have such a varied approach to exercise because of our access to such large space where people can feel comfortable and safe while participating in our unique brand of training.


We are fortunate to have access to a variety of training equipment that will ensure your workout is challenging and effective.

Our equipment includes:

  • Wall mounted suspension trainers

  • Dumbbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Medicine Balls (6lbs-14lbs)

  • Bands

  • Sliders

The boot camp sessions take place on a matted floor space that helps to keep the workouts low-impact and safe. These are important, factors when training frequently, in order to preserve joint integrity and prevent injury.

Nutrition and dietary advice will be provided for you and, as an option, an initial documentation of your weight, body composition and lean body mass (LBM) will help us track your progress through your boot camp experience. As well a professionally designed meal plan will be provided for you in order to ease you into better eating habits and dietary choices.

Taking part in a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week is optimum in order to accumulate results in muscle gain and to facilitate fat loss. Training consistency and nutrition are very important and collectively hold the key to a stronger, leaner you.

Contact us now and get your first boot camp Vancouver session free of charge.

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