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The benefits of weight loss are obviously well known and established. We tend to say 'weight loss' when referring to this particular aspect of health but let's call it what it is...fat loss. Weight loss can refer to a multiple of areas such as: loss of bone density, water loss or loss of muscle mass (certainly something we'd like to avoid!). The numerous benefits of fat loss include: decreasing your risk of health problems (heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and depression), better sleep, improved mood, less joint pain and a stronger immune system.


Fat storage happens when we eat in excess of our allotted energy intake (calories). Because we have given our bodies a surplus of calories (to much for it to burn through regular metabolic processes and activity) it finds places to store the excess energy. This is where fat comes in, as much of the excess energy will be stored in this form. The good news is that this process can be reversed and by lowering our calorie intake we can now tell our bodies to go ahead and use the stored fat as energy.


The simple way to describe this is with a formula: In order to lose fat off our bodies the energy IN must be less than the energy OUT or Calories IN < Calories OUT. We can figure out the preferred numbers for each person and every person. From there we can make a plan to get the fat loss started and move you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle complete with all of the benefits mentioned earlier. Not only that but you will look better and your confidence will soar! It's really not as difficult as it as you may have thought. You can still enjoy many of the foods you do now but moderation and a diligent approach to preparedness can make your goals a reality.

Contact us to get started now on your fitness and weight loss goals by joining us for a free personal training consultation or boot camp session.

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