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Personable Personal Training

Truthfully, not all personal trainers have your best interests at heart. The ‘personal’ in personal training is naturally assumed to be part of the package when hiring a trainer. When clients are not getting results - be it gaining muscle mass, losing body fat and/or recuperation - the problem very well could be the lack of a ‘personal’ touch. You must be willing to invest yourself, as a trainer, in the well being and positive progression of your clients. That being said it should be understood that the results of personal training fall greatly in the hands of the clients themselves, after all they are performing the physical aspects of the workout and diet. However, the small percentage that falls on the shoulders of the personal trainer must be performed to the best of their abilities. Positive reinforcement, motive, persuasion, a stern hand and an empathetic approach are crucial points to apply when training a client. If you genuinely enjoy what you do then cultivating a personable, personal training environment is paramount for client results. Best of luck everyone! Paul Bryan Personal Trainer Specialist Reach Fitness Training Vancouver, BC

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