Flexible Dieting

We've all been there, standing motionless on the scale, sucking our stomachs in with all the force we can muster and then...pew!...out goes the air and right behind it our belly follows. It pops out like a balloon seeking to float up into the air and broadcast our (relative) flaw to the masses. 'I guess it's just not meant to be' we sigh, out loud, because we'd never do this in front of someone else. Have I got your attention?...of course I do, because you can relate. From the leanest fitness competitor to the average joe gym-goer, we all can see flaws in our bodies. It’s not a bad thing really. It’s ok to want to be the best version of yourself, in both mind and body. In this case we’re talking about our bodies and how we can lose fat, and just as importantly, maintain that fat loss. In the interest of keeping this a short article, as opposed to the novel that it could be, I will skip the graphs and endless science and refer you to some of the best and most important information about this lifestyle approach.

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