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Exercise - Can you go wrong?

We’ve known for years the many benefits that regular exercise can bring to our lives. But maintaining a consistent exercise schedule can be difficult. I often say that fitness is ‘cyclical’, meaning that we can’t always be in top physical shape, particularly if we have demanding lives outside of our pursuit of being fit and healthy. Even the top athletes in the world must take breaks from their respective training regimes and very demanding physical schedules. If they didn’t they would become more prone to injury and ‘burnout’. Most athletes, in fact, follow a type of training called ‘periodization’ during which time they train at varying levels of intensity and focus. One of the most important things about the exercise that we partake in is the level of enjoyment that it brings to our lives. Have we found a type of exercise that we enjoy doing or are we slogging through a miserable hour on the treadmill because well…it’s supposed to be good for me? Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy the treadmill and it’s beneficial for you, please continue. My point is the version of exercise that we choose is the biggest factor in whether or not we’ll continue with our health and fitness pursuits. This and some other very important factors are discussed thoroughly in this article. Read more here…

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